Your Land and the Law: A Landowner's Guide to Real Property Law in Nova Scotia


134 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-55109-020-1
DDC 346.71604'3





Reviewed by Agar Adamson

Agar Adamson is the author of Letters of Agar Adamson, 1914–19 and former chair of the Department of Political Science at Acadia University in Nova Scotia.


As the author points out, “at one time or another almost everyone will
own land or an interest in real property.” Yet, it is surprising how
many landowners have little or no concept of the law, particularly
statute law, as it pertains to landownership. Alex Cameron does his
utmost to educate the nonlegally trained reader on the law in this area,
using excellent examples and straightforward (jargon-free) language.
Nonetheless, because of the complexities of the subject, some sections
of the text may remain difficult to understand.

The book is comprehensive, and includes such topics as what you can do
with your land, what others can do on your land, the sources of property
law, the purchase and sale of land, and the ownership of land.
Unfortunately, like any book that deals with ever-changing stature law,
it will quickly become dated. Still, it does stress the fact that
property is not protected in the Charter of Rights, and that we hold
property at the will of the crown and its agents. And undoubtedly,
readers of this guide will be better prepared to avoid the pitfalls of
landownership that it so well documents. A bibliography or information
advising readers where to turn for further information would have been


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