Toronto's Cheaper Eats


172 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-896176-03-8
DDC 647.95713'541






Julie Rekai Rickerd is a Toronto-based broadcaster and public relations


As the social and economic realities of the 1990s have set in, an
increasing trend toward eating out has been accompanied by the search
for good, moderately priced venues.

Toronto’s Cheaper Eats provides reviews of more than 150 of the
city’s most reasonably priced and gastronomically satisfying
restaurants. The reviews are set out by district, and the format is of a
size convenient to carry in a briefcase or handbag. A city and public
transit map is also included.

As is usual, most of the best food bargains are available at ethnic
establishments. Waxman presents her favorite choices among Asian,
European, African, Caribbean, and Indian cuisine. She also includes
grills, delis, cafés, and bars. Prices are based on dinner for two
(lunches tend to be cheaper) and rated according to degree of
satisfaction for value. Chef/owners are often introduced, as are their
specialties. Favorite dishes are described, along with decor and quality
of service. Location, telephone number, and credit-card preferences, if
available, are noted.

Sara Waxman’s many years of experience as a food critic and cookbook
author give credibility to her opinions, making this guide indispensable
when looking for good value among Toronto’s almost overwhelming number
of restaurants.


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