Look to This Day: A Complete Guide to Health and Well-Being in Your Later Years


288 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Index
ISBN 1-55013-690-9
DDC 613'.0438





Reviewed by Marilyn Mardiros

Marilyn Mardiros is an associate professor of health sciences at the
University of Ottawa.


This health and medical resource for people over 65 presents a wealth of
information. An overview of healthy aging is presented. Commonly
experienced illnesses and aches and pains are discussed in conjunction
with self-help activities, and disorders associated with mood and memory
(e.g., depression and Alzheimer’s disease) are addressed. Medical and
surgical procedures are clearly described, and handy reference charts
are included in each section. There is much practical advice on working
with doctors, receiving and giving care, and establishing a living will.

Vetted by Toronto’s Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, Look to This
Day is an accessible resource for the elderly, their families, and
paraprofessionals who work with the elderly. Though billed as a complete
guide to health and well-being, the book is sketchy in its treatment of
health promotion, health education, and self-help.


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