Diver's Guide: Vancouver Island South


144 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps
ISBN 1-895811-88-0
DDC 797.2'3




Reviewed by David Allinson

David Allinson is the president of the Rocky Point Bird Observatory in Victoria, B.C.


Many experienced scuba divers rank the waters off southern Vancouver
Island among the best in the world for marine life and features. The
author, an accomplished diver and instructor, provides an easy-to-use
and comprehensive overview of 53 dive sites in this area.

Instead of nautical maps, Dombowsky provides custom, hand-drawn
computer maps for each of the dive sites. These maps cover access
points, depths, interesting features, hazards, marine life, reference
points, and suggested underwater routes. The written description of each
location includes information on directions, local shops, and boat
launches as well as on visibility and other site-unique considerations.

The book’s introduction to marine life would have benefited from more
detail, and the use of black-and-white rather than color photographs is
unfortunate. However, the emphasis on the moral and ethical aspects of
diving is very welcome; there is advice on protecting wildlife and
reminders of the laws governing the protection of shipwrecks. Also
welcome is the author’s “top ten” list of favorite dives (not
surprisingly, the ecological reserve at Race Rocks tops the list).

Diver’s Guide would make a fine addition to any beginner or advanced
diver’s library.


Dombowsky, Greg., “Diver's Guide: Vancouver Island South,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed February 21, 2024, https://cbra.library.utoronto.ca/items/show/492.