Hip Guide to Toronto


127 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-921912-99-4
DDC 917.13'541044




Photos by Chris Chapman

Julie Rekai Rickerd is a Toronto-based broadcaster and public-relations


According to lifestyle journalist Karen von Hahn’s fun-filled tome,
Toronto the good has become Toronto the hip. Her “Hip Guide” to the
city that not too long ago was on everyone’s “second-prize” list
jauntily describes places to eat, drink, shop, dance, listen to music,
see movies, play pool, have fun, or just hang out. Each venue is
described with affection according to ambience, quality, location, and

The where-to-eat section runs the gamut from “glam night” to “see
and be seen” to “starch and grease.” Clothing outlets are
fashionable and intimidating like Holt Renfrew or friendly and plebeian
like “jean joints.” For those who still cook, there are markets and
specialty food shops galore. Shopping adventures range from visiting the
king of discounts at Honest Ed’s, to exploring unique shops like The
Door Store and Ritchie’s Auction House. Entertainment ranges from
museums and galleries to theatres and cinemas. Only sports find no place
on the hip list; there’s nary a mention of the Jays, Leafs, and
Raptors, SkyDome, or Maple Leaf Gardens.

This well-researched and enthusiastic guide to a city that has evolved
well beyond “Hogtown” would be a valuable asset for residents and
visitors alike.


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