Homo Erectus and Other Popular Tales of True Romance


156 pages
ISBN 0-921833-48-2
DDC 306.7





Reviewed by Moira Harris

Moira Harris is a freelance science writer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


When Joel Yanofsky was approached by a publisher about writing a book on
love and sex from a man’s point of view, he began to laugh
hysterically. He then took on the task, and the result is Homo Erectus.

The magazine-style articles that make up the book stray well beyond the
confines of love and sex. Yanofsky gives us his thoughts on parties,
height (specifically, his lack of it), men’s groups, residents-only
parking, and Martha Stewart, to name but a few topics. The result is a
book that simply meanders too much. The shifts in tone from joking to
sincere are sometimes irritating, as is the author’s obvious fondness
for puns.


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