Still Rhymin' on the Range


61 pages
ISBN 0-88839-388-1
DDC C811'.5408'0352636




Illustrations by Wendy Liddle
Reviewed by Don Precosky

Don Precosky teaches English at the College of New Caledonia and is the
co-editor of Four Realities: Poets of Northern B.C.


Like folk art, this collection of poems about cowboys is accessible,
entertaining, endearing, often charming, and betrays a naiveté about
life and creativity. It is replete with comfortable clichés that depict
a comfortable world where nobody is going to ask any embarrassing

The illustrations by award-winning cowboy cartoonist Wendy Liddle are
the appropriate accompaniment for the poems; they have enough detail to
provide the appearance of reality, but are too sketchy to distract us
into serious musings.


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