A Floral ABC


Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-471-79830-4




Reviewed by L.M. Marsh

L.M. Marsh was a freelance writer and songwriter who lived in Ottawa.


The author’s desire to arouse her grandchildren’s interest in wildflowers and nature culminated in A Floral ABC. The book, which took three years to complete, is a book to be treasured and to be passed on to future generations.

A Floral ABC is exactly what the title suggests. For each letter of the alphabet, a corresponding wildflower has been depicted in vivid watercolours along with a hand-printed text. Anecdotes, legends, and original poetry (most often providing a chuckle or a smile) accompany the watercolours.

This is a book-lover’s book, suitable for children and adults alike. Even those who profess to have no interest in the topic of wildflowers must appreciate the craftsmanship involved in this publication.


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