Canadian Facts & Figures: A Graphic Look at What Happens in Canada


175 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-88830-214-2





Edited by Nydia McCool
Reviewed by Laura M. Gateman

Laura M. Gateman was a freelance writer/photographer and author of Echoes of Bruce County, lived in Chesley, Ontario.


The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” might be what inspired this particular book. Anyone who has waded through the numerical data and written text of most statistical information will appreciate the style of this production. Here is a handbook, very effectively done, in bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs. It sets forth numerous statistics on the Canadian way of life. At the beginning it looks at People — population, income, debt, wealth, education, and related materials. Then there is Government — social programs, education, culture and recreation, research and development. And a look at Federal and Provincial revenues, expenses, deficits, and surplus. Under Economic Activities and Trends, we find price indexes, consumer incomes, business investment, borrowing, corporate states, money, mortgages, and other economic factors, including an economic analysis. Chapters go on to cover Foreign Ownership in Canada, Industrial Structure and Labour Force, Sectoral Activities, and Canada’s International Position.

The author or compiler does not include an analytical text to create bias but allows the material to stand on the graphic results. To the average person this book gives a wealth of enlightenment. To a student it could be a valuable asset. To a seasoned researcher it would probably leave much (more complex information) to be desired.

The graphs and charts are well done — colourful and nicely printed. The book must be a draftsman’s dream of simple charts neatly drawn. An index and an enlarged glossary would be useful to the reader.

An interesting little book for a curious layman, a student, or a facts and figures beginner.


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