Incorporation & Business Guide for Alberta: How to Form Your Own Corporation


177 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-88908-223-5




Reviewed by J.V. Rahilly

J.V. Rahilly was an engineering librarian in Ontario.


The first edition for Alberta was in 1972, while the first for British Columbia was 1971. Both books promise a savings of some $500 or so in legal fees if you incorporate on your own. Both books give explicit instructions, and there are also packages of do-it-yourself kits available from the publisher should you wish to pursue the matter further. Both books share common information, although there are variations from province to province: how to carry on business (sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations), how to incorporate and organize a company, how to comply with government regulations, how to issue and transfer shares, how to conduct meetings, how to change a name or to dissolve a company. The Alberta book had to be completely revised, since the new act provided for one-person corporations, which had never before existed in that province. There are 47 samples of letters, notices, ledgers, registers, and so forth, while the British Columbia book has some 41 samples to follow. It is interesting to note that in B.C. (according to this book) 30 per cent of all company incorporations are done by do-it-yourselfers.



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