Wills for British Columbia: How to Make Your Own Will


93 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-88908-149-2




Reviewed by Toby Rupert

Toby Rupert was a librarian living in Toronto.


These books are so frequently revised that they are becoming almost like annuals. The Auxier book was first out in 1972, and it was last reviewed in CBRA 1981. She covers the marriage contract, separation agreement, divorce , annulment, counselling (both legal and psychological), support, children, and legal aid. Wong, first published in 1972, gives details on how to make your own will if you live in the province of British Columbia; he provides 17 samples of forms, etc. Both books are useful for their respective purposes.


Wong, Steven G., “Wills for British Columbia: How to Make Your Own Will,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed July 20, 2024, https://cbra.library.utoronto.ca/items/show/38839.