Chatelaine Modern Classics: 250 Fast, Fresh Recipes from the Chatelaine Kitchen


400 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 978-0470739822
DDC 641.5




Edited by Victoria Walsh


Cookbooks are an art form all their own, and Chatelaine Modern Classics doesn’t disappoint. The very first impression this book gives is one of class and beauty. Just the format of the book pleases the senses. The size of the book promises many appetizing recipes, and the huge amount of colourful photographs makes your mouth water. In fact, photos accompany almost every recipe in the book. The size of the book and weight of the paper is also useful in helping the book to stay open, unless at the very beginning or end of the book, which makes it easy to use directly in the kitchen.

This is a large book of everyday cooking, so the format is exactly as you would suspect. There are sections on salads, appetizers, poultry, vegetarian mains, etc., with many recipes in each section. The recipes vary greatly, with more traditional foods thrown in with some more interesting recipes, with fresh combined with comfort foods. The biggest concern with any cookbook is that it will be filled with difficult ingredients and that it will require complicated kitchen gadgetry. All of the ingredients are easily found at your local food market, and the average kitchen can easily make everything in this book.

The recipes are complimented by the nutrients per serving, which is especially useful for staying health-conscious. The pages are also sprinkled with tips, variations, and shortcuts to help you out and to help you make the recipes your own. The “Entertaining Ideas” at the back of the book is especially helpful, with additional drink recipes and some menus suggestions. The only thing that would have been more helpful is more pairing suggestions, especially since there are so many recipes in the book.

Chatelain Modern Classics is the perfect gift for anyone…even if they thought they didn’t like the kitchen. There are recipes that everyone will enjoy and that anyone can cook. Highly recommended.



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