Career Information: A Bibliography of Publications about Careers in Canada


117 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-7713-0104-9




Reviewed by P.J. Hammel

P.J. Hammel is a professor of Education at the University of


The compilers of this work are attempting “to fill the need of counsellors and students for a bibliography related to specific occupations,” thus providing information which no counsellor could ever hope to accumulate individually. Although all known sources were solicited for information, “no heroic efforts were undertaken to follow up inquiries if there was no response, on the assumption that requests from students or counsellors would be treated similarly.” There is, therefore, no implication that all of the occupational materials published in Canada are included. At the same time, however, it is suggested that information about additional items would be welcomed. This is reassuring because it indicates a willingness to publish further editions as new information becomes available. The fact that this volume is a revised edition attests to that likelihood.

Almost one thousand items in 21 occupational groups are listed. Items are organized in Major and Minor groups, according to the Canadian Classification and Dictionary of Occupations model, in both the Table of Contents and the body of the work. Where items are of such a general nature that they cannot be classified under the specific headings, they are included in a “Materials of General Interest” section appended to the main list.

For each item the following information is provided: Title; Author; Date of Publication; Format; Cost; Limitations of Distribution (when appropriate); Brief Description of Contents (full enough to provide a guide to the particular information available from that publication); Name of Supplier (an appendix entitled “Where to Write” provides, in alphabetical order for easy reference, the addresses of suppliers of items listed).

A full index by specific occupational title provides easy access to all the information included. As intended, this work will provide invaluable assistance to high school students and their counsellors in their pursuit of information pertaining to occupational interests.



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