Voyageurs to a Rocky Shore: The Lebanese and Syrians of Nova Scotia


177 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-88926-030-3




Reviewed by Toby Rupert

Toby Rupert was a librarian living in Toronto.


The Lebanese and Syrians who have settled in Nova Scotia — where they came from, how they got here, and how they have fared in the process of transplantation — are the subject of this study conducted by two academic specialists in the politics, social structure, culture, and modern history of the Middle East. Coupled with this expertise, the Jabbras write from first-hand experience as observers of the Lebanese and Syrians of Nova Scotia, and they have drawn on an extensive network of sources in the province. One chapter details five case histories, while others concern assimilation, acculturation, and the politics of ethnic issues. There is a bibliography, but the book lacks an index.


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