The Real Pushers: A Critical Analysis of the Canadian Drug Industry


272 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-919573-26-6






Reviewed by Stephen J. Kees

Stephen J. Kees was Chief Librarian, Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology, Welland, Ontario.


The use of drugs to solve problems, whether medical or caused by social conditions, is increasing throughout the world. In Canada the production of these materials is largely in the hands of a few multinational companies and is quite profitable to them.

According to the author, a medical doctor working in Ontario, the drug companies are performing a great disservice to the Canadian people. In a detailed study he describes the methods by which they influence the doctors and the public to use their products, some of which have little or no value and may even be harmful. The allegations are well documented and the bibliography is annotated.

A remedy for this situation is suggested, but it appears somewhat simplistic and unlikely to be adopted. The companies have a powerful lobby, both federally and provincially, and many allies, even though some of these allies may not realize the implications of what they are doing. In view of the discussions on the use of generic drugs, this study merits careful consideration.


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