Our Generation against Nuclear War


478 pages
ISBN 0-920057-15-2





Edited by Dimitrios Roussopoulos
Reviewed by E.T. Sharp

E.T. Sharp specialized in military history and disarmament and lived in Toronto.


Our Generation against Nuclear War contains a selection of articles on military and disarmament topics that appeared in a left-wing students’ journal of the same name. First published in 1961 by the Student Union for Peace Action to address issues of disarmament and peace, its scope was expanded in 1966 to include more radical topics, although its original emphasis did not change. The journal’s new title became Our Generation.

Dimitrios Roussopoulos, one of the journal’s writers and a member of its editorial collective, has assembled the journal’s most interesting and pertinent articles, especially those dealing with disarmament, nuclear arms development, and super-power relations. The wide range of topics chosen, from the prospects of unilateral Canadian development to the psychiatric effects of the arms race on human society as well as the time period from which the articles come, give the book a historical and intellectual perspective often missing from anti-war literature. Included in the book’s selection are articles by well-known and respected European and North American authorities such as Tom Hayden and Farley Mowat, which has increased the book’s perspective.

Our Generation against Nuclear War has value not only as a description of current radical analysis of the international power structure but as a historical document of the intellectual development of the peace movement through the Viet Nam era and after.


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