Long Shot: Steve Nash's Journey to the NBA


160 pages
Contains Photos
ISBN 1-896095-16-X
DDC 796.323'092





Reviewed by Bob Forsey

Bob Forsey is the education officer at the Newfoundland Museum in St.


Players with NBA dreams must be tall, talented, single-minded,
hardworking, able to perform under pressure, and lucky. Steve Nash, the
son of a semi-pro basketball player, fits this profile perfectly. In
this book, Jeff Rud presents a detailed picture of Nash’s career, from
his participation on teams at Saint Mary’s University School in
Victoria and at Santa Clara University in California, to his experiences
on the Canadian National and Olympic teams, to his tenure at the
prospects’ camp before he joined the Phoenix Suns in 1996. According
to Rud, a critical factor in Nash’s success is his strong work ethic.
John Woolery, who played with Nash for the Santa Clara Broncos, recalls
that Nash “worked harder than anyone I ever played with or against
before, during and after practices, by far.” Nash’s dedication paid
off with impressive dividends in the form of MVP awards at every level,
and spots on all-star and championship teams in every league.


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