Mini-Bike Hero


105 pages
ISBN 0-590-71413-9





Reviewed by Jean Free

Jean Free is a past judge of the Vicky Metcalf and Ruth Schwartz awards
for children’s



Mini-Bike Hero has been re-issued by Scholastic-TAB with an attractive new cover and the same fast-paced, action-packed story for junior grade students. The book, originally published in 1974, tells the story of a young boy, Steve, who loves mini-bikes but is not allowed to have one because his parents disapprove.

Steve makes friends with Peter Sikorsky, who likes both mini-bikes and boys. They fix up an old Bobcat bike without Steve’s father’s knowledge and have an exciting adventure when a dam breaks and Steve is able to warn campers of their danger. The story ends happily with Steve and his parents reconciled and able to understand each other’s emotions.

Claire Mackay tells her story with humour and a clear readable style. The action is swift and daring. Characters mature with the story, which also includes additional details about Steve’s teacher, his escape from a neighbourhood gang, and why his father is apprehensive about mini-bikes.

Mini-Bike Rescue has been updated with metric measurements. It would have the most appeal for students in junior grades with an interest in mini-bikes and is a companion piece for Mini-Bike Hero. Both books would be a welcome addition to personal, public, or school libraries.



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