The A to Z of Absolute Zaniness


Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-920080-90-1






Illustrations by Susanne Ferrier
Reviewed by Annabelle Goodman

Annabelle Goodman was Vice-Principal of Williamson Road Public School.


The A to Z of Absolute Zaniness is an unusual alphabet book that is educational and fun. The characters represented by each letter are zany and witty. Each letter is described in a six-line alliterative caption. The large (half-page) illustrations on each page are extremely colourful, very humorous, and graphically delightful. Children will have no difficulty in remembering characters such as Hilary Hamster, Goobly Goblin, or Rodney Robot. Children are excited by the rhythms used throughout the text. The book is also useful for psycholinguistic approach in language development.

The book is printed on high quality shiny paper and the good binding should ensure that the owner will have this delightful book for a long time. The cover is bright and catchy. This alphabet book will be popular with the pre-reader, the grade 1 or 2 student, and parents and librarians everywhere.


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