Women of Nazareth and Other Poems


ISBN 0-920808-07-7




Reviewed by Bill Brydon

Bill Brydon was a librarian/journalist in Toronto.


Verda Welwood is a church organist and music teacher in Orangeville, Ontario. Although she is a grandmother, this is her first collection. Her poetry is very religious and somewhat sentimental. She employs roughly crafted free verse, introducing simple rhyme and rhythmic devices for effect. She knows the Bible well and obviously enjoys savouring each story as she retells it. Her purpose is to draw moral lessons in the manner of a Sunday School teacher, and to express herself personally while so doing. Her book reflects a true gentleness of spirit.


Welwood, Verda, “Women of Nazareth and Other Poems,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed December 2, 2023, https://cbra.library.utoronto.ca/items/show/37323.