Real Estate Buying/Selling Guide for British Columbia


206 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-88908-163-8




Reviewed by J.V. Rahilly

J.V. Rahilly was an engineering librarian in Ontario.


Mungall’s book was last reviewed in CBRA 1983 as item 4128; Wong’s book was reviewed in CBRA 1982 as item 4108. Both books have been revised and updated to take into account new laws and regulations in British Columbia as they affect wills and probate. Syberg-Olsen’s book last came out in 1980. It is an explanation of the diverse stages in a transaction, with advice to the seller, the buyer, the agent, and even the lawyer. Topics include how to cost out a house, contract law, how to buy and what to look for, the offer to purchase, mortgages, taxes, foreclosure, and so forth — as all of it relates to British Columbia provincial law. Eight sample forms are reproduced.

All three of these books are “tried and true,” and they come with back-up support from the publishers themselves in the shape of a kit with the appropriate forms.


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