Financial Freedom on $5 a Day: A Step-By-Step Strategy for Small Investors


192 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-88908-587-0




Reviewed by J.V. Rahilly

J.V. Rahilly was an engineering librarian in Ontario.


The first edition of this book was reviewed in CBRA 1983 (entry 1086). The book is in three parts. The stress in part one is on “how to”: how to invest money, milk the stock market, invest in gold and silver, open a Swiss bank account, make money in different types of bonds, and invest in collectibles such as art, commodities, and real estate (but not jewels; why not?). Part two details the various ten-year plans to make money, while part three is a resource directory for North American services, with addresses, phone numbers, and names of brokers, as well as a bibliography for additional reading.


Chakrapani, C., “Financial Freedom on $5 a Day: A Step-By-Step Strategy for Small Investors,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed June 24, 2024,