Worth Remembering


108 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-919599-14-1





Reviewed by Tamela Topolie

Tamela Topolie was a student of journalism at Ryerson Polytechnical School, Toronto.


Inspiration can come from many sources, but perhaps the best inspiration is experience. Donna Sinclair, author of Worth Remembering, was moved to write this book after doing volunteer work with senior citizens attempting to write their autobiographies.

She offers here a clear and simple guide on how to begin a memoir, what to expect while writing, and reasons it should be done. Sinclair uses many examples from her personal life as a mother of three and the wife of a pastor.

The aim of writing may be different for each individual. Some scribes will want to pass on their stories to their offspring, while others may wish broader publication. Whatever the intent, Sinclair feels the endeavor can be beneficial for all. It can serve as a form of catharsis. She says, “Writing your story is one way of finding out about yourself... Writing a thought down — like saying it aloud — helps crystallize it.”

If you’ve ever wondered whether your life story is worth writing, this book may help you decide to make the effort.



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