Choices for Tomorrow


117 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-7713-0024-7




Reviewed by P.J. Hammel

P.J. Hammel is a professor of Education at the University of


This, the third volume in the Career Planning series, is a “comprehensive guide to and analysis of the types of developmental programs available, the occupational fields for which they provide preparation and individual careers which are available in these fields.” It describes three “broad learning pathways: university, community college, and combined work study.” The reader is advised to select “a learning pathway, then a broad field of endeavour within the pathway and eventually a single program and occupation.”

Further, it is suggested that this book “provides much of the information needed to make the explorations and decisions called for in Career Planning 2,” and it “can help best when it is used as a supplement to Career Planning 2, Set Your Course, which sets out procedures for exploring occupations and steps to take when one has reached a number of tentative choices.”

This is essentially a book of systematically organized lists of occupations; there is very little in the way of explanation or analysis. Its effectiveness, therefore, depends on how well it helps the reader to make the decisions suggested in the previous volume.


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