Guns and Butter: Defence and the Canadian Economy


182 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-919769-18-7




Edited by Brian MacDonald
Reviewed by E.T. Sharp

E.T. Sharp specialized in military history and disarmament and lived in Toronto.


Guns and Butter consists of papers presented to the Spring 1984 meeting of the Canadian Institute of Strategic Studies. The subject of the conference was the relationship between defence expenditures and Canadian economic performance. The papers presented cover a wide range of subjects, including the regional impact of Canadian military spending, Canada’s future role in NATO, and strategic and military factors in industrial planning. The recent decision by the Canadian Government to rethink its military commitments and the upsurge in interest in defence matters make this a timely and potentially important book. As is to be expected with the published proceedings of a conference, the quality of the individual chapters is uneven but the general level is good. This book should appeal to a wide audience because it is both authoritative and topical.


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