NORAD: A New Look


93 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography
ISBN 0-919827-49-7




Reviewed by E.T. Sharp

E.T. Sharp specialized in military history and disarmament and lived in Toronto.


This is a detailed examination of the problems and potential of the NORAD treaty. With the recent publicity given to the question of strategic defence, there is need for new research on the subject — particularly on the role that Canada should play. This book does little to provide new ideas or insight into the discussion. Primarily a précis of recent professional military and defence-related literature on the subject, it contains little of interest to any but the most specialized reader. The book contains a considerable number of extended quotations, and these make the book difficult to read and also make it impossible to discern the author’s own contribution. Although the book’s subject is of current general interest, the book is not.


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