Redcoats and Patriotes: The Rebellion in Lower Canada 1837-38


218 pages
Contains Illustrations, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-920002-28-5





Reviewed by Peter Henderson

Peter Henderson teaches history at Douglas College in New Westminster,


This well-produced book deals, in English, with a subject that occupies an important position in the historical ethos of Quebec, although it is comparatively little remembered in English Canada.

The rebellion of 1837 of the Patriotes against the British administration is described in detail, with a generous number of contemporary illustrations, and footnotes sufficiently detailed to satisfy the most demanding historian.

The only criticism that I would make is that the very attractive dustjacket, and the comparatively large format of the book (it measures just under 9” x 12”) together give the impression that it is a popular, coffeetable book, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Understandably, in view of the author’s background, the style is that of an academic historical essay. I would have found it more readable if the author had engaged in a little of what a professional historian friend of mine condemns as journalistic editorializing. However, the facts are undoubtedly there, to be read and digested by anyone interested in the history of Quebec and the events that have shaped the attitude of the French in Canada.


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