Magic Magic


Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-920534-34-1





Illustrations by Barbara Hicks
Reviewed by Susan Perks

Susan Perks, formerly a teacher and librarian, is a travel agent in
Thompson, Manitoba.


Magic Magic is the story of Zookie, who visits earth from outer space. He has heard that earth is “special” and “magical.” He gathers various “special” things to take away with him, such as the sunrise, a soft cloud, a shiny pebble, friends, and so on. All these things are magical to him.

This is a delightful story, set in rhyme. The author has also included the music score so that it can be sung. The book has a lot of potential for classroom use. It helps children appreciate the “special” things in this world and helps them to determine the special and unique qualities of each item. Children could add extra verses about those things that are special to them.

The color illustrations are realistic and very enjoyable. Overall, this book will be a welcome addition to any primary library. The price of $9.95 for a softcover book may seem a bit high, but it’s well worth it.


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