Zoom Away


Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-88899-042-1





Illustrations by Ken Nutt
Reviewed by Susan Perks

Susan Perks, formerly a teacher and librarian, is a travel agent in
Thompson, Manitoba.


Readers of Zoom at Sea will probably enjoy Zoom Away. Zoom, a lovable cat, rejoins Maria in a search for Zoom’s uncle, Captain Roy. As Maria’s house expands to contain the Arctic, Zoom and Maria climb through frozen and snowy staircases and hallways until they come to the Northwest Passage, a tiny and dark tunnel in the attic. Zoom must go through the tunnel alone. When he comes out on the other side, he discovers the Arctic Sea, over which he skates to find Uncle Roy’s ship stranded in the ice. In the ship’s galley he finds a note explaining that Uncle Roy and his men have escaped from their ship by sailing away on a passing iceberg. Just as Zoom becomes discouraged, Maria appears and pulls him home on a sleigh. This fantasy book is well illustrated. It is an interesting story, but I wonder about the educational value — I can see children getting a mental picture of the Northwest Passage as a dark tunnel! For purely entertainment value, it is worth consideration. The children did enjoy it, and it would be suitable for ages five to seven.


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