The Second Slice: Over 250 Delicious, Time-Saving Recipes for Golfers and People on the Go


217 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-919493-60-2






Reviewed by Colleen Kakoschke

Colleen Kakoschke was a Toronto business analyst.


The theme of this cookbook is golf. The emphasis is on quick and easy recipes, the idea being that a cook would rather spend more time on the golf course than in the kitchen. This is not to imply, however, that the food is simply thrown together. When the resulting meals are served, they are often so impressive that they appear to have demanded hours of preparation time.

The book is divided into 18 chapters, with each chapter representing a different hole on a golf course. The game starts out with some ultra-easy appetizers as the first hole and ends with desserts on the seventeenth hole. The eighteenth hole is reserved for suggested menus for various group sizes ranging from four to six people all the way up to twenty to twenty-five people. The suggestions are great time-savers, since they piece together several recipes into an entire dinner menu with a unique flair. Another shortcut for the cook with a hectic lifestyle is to prepare some dishes in advance and then refrigerate them until shortly before the guests arrive.

The preparation and cooking instructions are clear and easy to follow. Sometimes a background comment will add a personal touch to the recipe. For example, one recipe states: “This is one of Wayne Gretzky’s favorite dishes and did you know he is an avid golfer?” The author, who is the Food Editor of the Edmonton Sun, also wrote Slicing, Hooking and Cooking and co-authored The Absolute Beginner’s Cookbook. Another clue to the author’s home is found in the recipe called “Alberta-style Baked Pork Chops.”

This is a handy cookbook with a fabulous selection of fun recipes aimed primarily at the novice cook/golfer. It makes for convenient cooking, since most of the ingredients are easy to find and can be prepared with relative ease.


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