The 64-Page Book for Buying Your Next Car and Home Cheaper!


58 pages
Contains Illustrations
ISBN 0-458-99730-7





Reviewed by John Marston

John Marston was a federal civil servant in Ottawa.


Why did I not have this small golden book earlier in my life? With the money I could have saved I would now be sitting on a sun-drenched strand in the tropics drinking rum punches!

We Canadians are not, as a race, skilled hagglers. We see the price as marked, and we pay it. There is no dealing and wheeling — and we are the losers, most of the time.

On to this scene comes Bern Wheeler and his book, which introduces the single-price solution for hassle-free buying. This short book explains a simple system for buying a car and a home that can save you at least hundreds of dollars, or more. Also, it can save you trouble from salespersons who are eager to get from you the last dollar that they can.

You do not need to be a skilled negotiator; just follow the ideas in the book and become one! What I did not realize before (stupidly) is that I hold the balance of power. It is my money and I am not out to please anyone but me — least of all, the salesperson.

If the thought of a hard-nosed car or real-estate sales person makes you shudder with fright, this book is your courage. Read it and fight back!


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