Ontario Ghost Towns and Scenic Back Roads Atlas


64 pages
Contains Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-9691210-4-0






Reviewed by Stafford Johnston

Stafford Johnston was a freelance reviewer living in Mitchell, Ontario.


You could spend much travel money to see how archaeologists have thrown light on life as it was in Herculaneum 19 centuries ago, or in Troy 32 centuries ago. Ron Brown invites his readers to do some less costly travelling and learn about life as it was in Ontario one to two centuries ago. He has assembled a surprisingly lengthy list of Ontario places that used to exist, the remains of which can still be found by anyone with an automobile and a taste for getting off the highways and exploring the byways.

This is essentially a book of maps; the text is kept to a minimum. The maps, in turn, are organized to give the information needed to find the route to a ghost town, and no more information than that. The organization of the book makes places and routes easy to find. If, for example, you would like to see the remains of Indiana, Ontario, a village that happened because it was a point on the Grand River Canal and died when the canal project died, Ron Brown’s map will show you how to get there from Brantford.



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