Retirement Guide for Canadians: Plan Now for a Comfortable Future


294 pages
ISBN 0-88908-636-2




Reviewed by Aluin Gilchrist

Aluin Gilchrist is a Vancouver-based Canadian government civil
litigation lawyer.


“... The unhappy fled into retirement to escape their jobs, and did so without plans for its enjoyment, assuming that it would be better than continuing on as they were. The happy ones had planned a life they would enjoy, their activities had been started and were ready for expansion in retirement. They were stepping right into a life that was both familiar and enjoyable... Their days are well spent, and they have no time to dwell on unpleasant thoughts. They are living the lives of well-adjusted people” (p.259).

“Unless the husband is prepared to replace his job with other things, he finds himself alone at home, concerned about the future. He needs someone to help him and the obvious person is his wife, who is at hand and is a ready-made replacement. He may follow her around the home and expect her to be with him constantly, requiring her to give up her interests. In effect, she is being asked to retire but is not given the opportunity to decide how she wants to spend the time. He absorbs it all which almost reduces her to the position of a personal servant in which her wishes do not count” (p.72).

It takes counselling, lectures, and discussion groups to help people learn about and deal with the challenges of retirement. Author Hunnisett, who retired in 1972, offers his wisdom.


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