My Adventures with Bears


113 pages
Contains Photos, Maps
ISBN 1-55109-245-X
DDC 599.78






Reviewed by Monika Rohlmann

Monika Rohlmann is an environmental consultant in Yellowknife, Northwest


Wildlife enthusiast Keith Scott has traveled the width of Canada and
beyond, from “the rock” of Newfoundland to northern British Columbia
and Alaska. In Alaska, on a small patch of paradise called Fish Creek,
he has his most frequent and profound encounters with bears.

Scott is an “amateur” in the best sense of the word. He embodies
the dreams we all have of plunging headlong into the wilderness and
surviving to tell the story. We follow him as he bushwhacks through a
dense forest, slogs through a mosquito-infested swamp, and wades across
ice-cold white water. Scott describes his encounters not only with
bears, but with various birds, mammals, and fish. He relates crucial
facts about moose, cougars, beavers, salmon, and many other animals, and
also chronicles his frustrations with park bureaucracy, hunters,
poachers, tourists, and locals who do not share his conservationist
views. His book includes a good selection of mostly black-and-white

Keith Scott is a humble man who is humbled by the wilderness. My
Adventures with Bears is an engaging book that will appeal to anyone who
loves nature and who believes that bears are indicators of places that
are truly wild.


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