Five New Facts About Giorgione


72 pages
ISBN 0-88753-155-5






Madeleine J. Bailey was the College Librarian in the Learning Resources Centre at Mount Royal College in Calgary.


Hugh Hood’s previous novels (including Black and White Keys, The Scenic Art, The Motor Boys in Ottawa, and White Figure, White Ground) and short-story collections (including None Genuine Without His Signature, Flying a Red Kite, and August Nights) have been widely praised. The English Literature Professor at the University of Montreal is also the author of a twelve-volume set, The New Age / Le nouveau siècle. Five New Facts About Giorgione is a passionate novella which takes the reader on a journey of artistic discovery. Opening in a Toronto pub, described in acute detail, it is the story of historian Neil Tarrant’s quest to find the truth about Giorgione, an influential Renaissance figure. His journey takes him to Venice and Castelfranco, where he finally uncovers the truth about Giorgione.

Hood’s work interweaves rich, compelling narrative with vivid dialogue. The pictures he paints are keenly observed, deep and satisfying, meticulously poised on the edge, but never crossing the line into excess. A fascinating read.



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