Real Estate Buying / Selling Guide for Ontario


210 pages
ISBN 0-88908-364-9
DDC 346




Reviewed by A. Lawrence Gagner

A.  Lawrence Gagner was a practicing lawyer in Toronto.


Real Estate Buying / Selling Guide for Ontario by Stanley Rose is, generally speaking, a concise and informative manual on what a person should know when getting involved in the real estate market. Mr. Rose does provide great detail in most important areas so as to give the reader a good framework for informed decision-making in the area. The book blends the practical information for buying, financing, and selecting a house with enough legal information to inform the average home buyer, real estate agent, or neophyte lawyer. The “List of Samples” at the back of the guide can help remove a lot of the mystery normally associated with legal procedures and documents.

On occasion, the author does go into unnecessary detail. Explaining incapacity to enter into an agreement because of intoxication (p. 10) is neither terribly informative nor useful. It is also difficult to understand. Explaining the intricacies and operation of the Mechanics Lien Act seems somewhat technical and inappropriate for most potential readers.

However, despite those minor objections, this is a very useful guide for anyone who is looking at becoming involved in real estate.


Rose, Stanley M., “Real Estate Buying / Selling Guide for Ontario,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed June 20, 2024,