Mike Grenby's Tax Tips: A Year-round Guide


225 pages
Contains Illustrations, Index
ISBN 0-88908-676-1
DDC 343





Reviewed by H.R. Giberson

H.R. Giberson is head of the Social Studies Department at Oromocto High
School in New Brunswick.


Current proposals and actual changes in income tax in Canada have given rise to a greater interest in the topic. Media coverage of the Income Tax Reform has left many taxpayers somewhat confused. Therefore the increased interest and apprehension causes more general interest and public consumption of straight-forward advice. Mike Grenby has responded to the need.

Although his approach is designed to provide greater information to those who file their own returns, Grenby advises on all aspects of taxation from real estate to divorce and separation to small business. The author has done an excellent job reducing the confusion and mystification around our extremely complicated taxation system. He provides a series of tax tips, and has provided space for notes on each tip to give the reader a convenient place to address her or his own tax situation. He defines terms such as “loopholes,” and suggests ways to achieve reforms. Gambling is addressed and the author advises that it must be a hobby, not a business. The Grenby book is a good, concise information source for taxpayers who wish to comprehend the taxation system.



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