Used Car Buying Strategies


207 pages
ISBN 0-394-22009-9
DDC 629





Reviewed by Ross Willmot

Ross Willmot is Executive Director of the Ontario Association for
Continuing Education.


This practising lawyer specializing in civil litigation matters relating to motor vehicle manufacturers, dealers, and mechanics has produced a comprehensive guide to making an informed and practical decision about buying a used car.

The author’s own experience in never having spent more than approximately $4,200 in total on purchasing used cars forms the basis of this paperback. He never incurred major expenses in operating these vehicles and he never lost more than $600 on their disposal.

The text does not refer in any great detail to automobile maintenance or to specific makes and models of vehicles. Mr. Gray believes auto-motive mechanics are best left to appropriate experts. A large variety of such manuals are already available. This book, he says, will enable you to find a specific example of a good model and avoid a lemon.

Purchasing a used car gives a lower, more negotiable price, greater variety of available models, speedy delivery, nominal costs on options, less costly insurance premiums, cheaper repair costs, and less depreciation, he writes.

Step-by-step guidance is given to anticipated costs, research techniques, buying / selling tactics, inspecting and negotiating tips, contracts, legal rights and implications, repair, and maintenance.

Also included are post-purchasing tips which look at maintenance, choosing a mechanic, repairs, and a special section on legal rights against the seller and original manufacturer.



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