A Bibliography of Works on Canadian Foreign Relations, 1981-1985


157 pages
Contains Index
ISBN O-919084-57-5
DDC 016327




Edited by Jane R. Barrett with Jane Beaumont and Lee-Anne Broadhead
Reviewed by Steven K. Holloway

Steven K. Holloway was Assistant Professor of Political Science, St. Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia.


This is the fourth and latest volume in the Canadian Institute of International Affairs’ (CIIA) bibliography of Canadian foreign policy series which began with Donald Page’s coverage of the 1945-1970 period. The four volumes now comprehensively cover the forty-year period 1945-1985. The 4,500 records included in this volume were drawn from some 360 periodicals along with books, conference papers, theses, the Department of External Affairs Statements and Speeches and Communiqués, and other indexes. The volume is divided into a subject and personal name index.

The use of the computer is evident in this volume as the number of headings, and thus cross-references, has been greatly increased. Indeed, this volume is offered online for personal computer access through Micromedia’s Canadian Business and Current Affairs database. The publisher promises ongoing updating of that computer database.

It is good to see the publisher taking advantage of the latest technology in computer databases. In either form, this work is essential for all major libraries and researchers in the field of Canadian foreign, defence, and economic relations, comparative foreign policy, and world affairs.


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