The Dirt on Dirt.


48 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 978-1-55453-102-8
DDC j631.4





Illustrations by Martha Newbigging
Reviewed by Janet Collins

Janet Collins is a freelance writer in Sechelt, British Columbia.


It seems kids had it right all along. Dirt really is interesting stuff. Sure it’s the bane of every mother’s wash day, but dirt is also a highly versatile substance. Depending on the circumstances, grit and grime can be deemed food, shelter, and even a source of water (hint: has something to do with raindrops).


The book covers everything from describing what dirt is to how it can be used by plants, animals, and people. Inquisitive readers can dig deeper into any topic covered by trying experiments and hands-on learning activities included with each chapter. It’s amazing how many school subjects have some relationship with dirt—history, geography, science, math, art—so this would make a good classroom resource as well as a book for individual reading. Quizzes, a small glossary, and an index enhance the learning value. Colourful photos and illustrations make the book a fun read, as does inclusion of stories of strange dirt-centred events such as the disappearance of Mrs. Owen’s tree and the mystery of Oak Island’s treasure.


My favourite part of the book? Anyone up for another slice of extra yummy mud cake? Highly recommended.


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