Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands


318 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps, Index
ISBN 2-89464-059-5
DDC 918.6604'74




Reviewed by J.H. Galloway

J.H. Galloway is a professor of geography at the University of Toronto.


Ulysses Travel Guides is a well-established series that concentrates on
Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean. These four volumes follow a
formula. Each begins with a brief geography and history of the country,
followed by an overview of the economy and the arts, information about
passport and visa requirements, lists of embassies and consulates,
advice on local transport and where to change money, cautions about
health, lists of public holidays and national dishes, and other tidbits
of data that might help a traveler. There are frank warnings about the
dangers of carrying illegal drugs, followed by a description of what to
see in the capital city and then in each region. For each hotel and
restaurant, there is information about price, amenities, and type of
food served. In the information about what to see and do, there is
perhaps a bias toward beaches, sports, hiking, and “green tourism.”

There are a few errors of fact, but nothing serious. The guides, which
appear to be aimed perhaps at younger travelers with modest incomes, are
attractively designed and contain some excellent maps and photos.
Recommended, even to those who can afford the best hotels.


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