32 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 1-55337-656-0
DDC j595.79'9





Illustrations by Julian Mulock
Reviewed by Alice Kidd

Alice Kidd is an editor with The New Catalyst editorial collective in
Lillooet, B.C.


Deborah Hodge and Julian Mulock offer two new books, Bees and Ants, in
co-operation with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Each volume
is based on the popular two-page spread pattern and each also features a
table of contents, a glossary (“Bee Words,” “Ant Words”), and an
index. The text is supported by lots of colourful illustrations—some
full-page—with informative and often amusing captions.

Each book contains a well-labelled two-page illustration of the body of
the insect. Other spreads cover habitat, nest/hive individual types and
activities, life cycle, food, conspecifics, and range of species. A
number of experiments and projects provide an interesting and useful
feature for teachers and parents. “Build a Bee” (a craft project),
“Ants in Action” (investigate ant food choices), “Flower Power”
(design a bee-attracting flower), and “Snug as a Bug” (craft an ant
nest) are well-designed, with materials lists, instructions, helpful
tips, and explanations.

The colourful, engaging, and informative pictures and drawings clearly
illustrate what the author is conveying with words. The projects and
experiments draw the reader in and give them first-hand experience with
a range of aspects in the lives of and bees and ants. Highly



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