Real Live Science: Top Scientists Present Amazing Activities Any Kid Can Do


48 pages
Contains Photos, Index
ISBN 0-920775-87-X
DDC j507'.8






Illustrations by Tina Holdcroft
Reviewed by Kelly L. Green

Kelly L. Green is co-author of The Ethical Shopper’s Guide to Canadian
Supermarket Products and associate editor of the Canadian Book Review


If anyone knows how to make science interesting, understandable, and
fun, it is Jay Ingram. He proves this yet again with this collection of
science experiments for children. What makes the collection stand out is
that Ingram interviewed “real live” scientists, each of whom
contributed a simple but very effective experiment from his or her field
of expertise. Ingram provides a profile of each of the 21 scientists
(seven of whom are women, including Roberta Bondar), and tells us how
each of them became interested in his or her work. We talk to a marine
biologist, psychologists, geologists, and a world-famous Canadian
paleontologist, and learn about little-known fields such as kinesiology
and biostatistics.

Real Live Science is colorful, direct, informative, and easy to use. A
6-year-old could complete many of the experiments (with help), but the
book will appeal to children throughout the elementary grades. It
contains some keys that will help unlock the door to “Science,”
which for many children (and adults) has either remained closed, or has
opened into a frightening and unintelligible Pandora’s closet. A group
of 20 parents who assessed this book found it to be a great family
resource. Once children experience science Jay Ingram’s way, they will
be hooked. Highly recommended.


Ingram, Jay., “Real Live Science: Top Scientists Present Amazing Activities Any Kid Can Do,” Canadian Book Review Annual Online, accessed July 17, 2024,