Breathing Not Required


84 pages
ISBN 1-55028-474-6
DDC jC813'.54




Reviewed by Kathy Williams

Kathy Williams is the children’s services co-ordinator at the
Pickering Public Library.


Given her background in competitive synchronized swimming, Gracie
expects to be the best member of the newly formed synchro team. She is
jealous when a new classmate, Christy, turns out to have had years of
training in the sport as well as Olympic aspirations. Instead of working
with Christy to improve her own skills, Gracie competes with her. In her
drive to be on top, she pushes her duet partner and best friend too far.
Eventually she learns that a goal that sacrifices friendship is
ultimately unsatisfying. Breathing Not Required is a fast-paced and
entertaining exploration of the destructive effects of excessive
competitiveness. Recommended.


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