To Life!


304 pages
Contains Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-921472-27-7
DDC 741.5'676





Illustrations by Iryna Molodecky
Reviewed by Christy Conte

Christy Conte is a member of the Parents Advisory Committee at the
YMCA’s Parent and Child Enrichment Centre and a journalist.


To Life! is produced by three women with expertise in the areas of
kosher recipe development, diet and nutrition, and ethnic food
traditions. In addition to their professional qualifications, the
authors have between them 13 children and 13 grandchildren. These are
experts, without a doubt.

If you can buy only one kosher food book, this is it. The authors
present nutritional information (including current research), lifestyle
strategies, and the “whys” and “hows” of particular foods. There
is information on the rituals, symbols, and history associated with each
of the major Jewish holidays, including the detailed preparations
required for the Passover Seders. Kashrut is explained, complete with
reference to the basis of Jewish dietary laws in the Torah. A major
effort has been made to document Jewish food traditions from around the
world, with comparative information on the food preferences of the
Ashkenazim and Sephardim. As if the above were not enough, the book also
includes more than 50 menus featuring 250 kosher recipes from around the

These are not the artery-clogging standbys of yesteryear: East Indian
Curried Fish, Creole Black Bean Soup, and Moroccan Baked Eggs are
typical of the dishes in this volume. Recipes are clearly laid out, with
the ingredients listed alongside the directions for ease of use. Menu
format is used, and instructions regarding preparation strategy,
microtechniques, and variations are always included. Naturally, menus
are balanced both nutritionally and by taste and color. The emphasis
here is on flavor through spicing rather than fat, and many vegetarian
options are provided (including two meatless Passover Seders). To Life!
is comprehensive, practical, delicious, and highly recommended.


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