Life in the Coral Reef


32 pages
Contains Index
ISBN 0-86505-729-X
DDC j574.5'2636




Photos by Tom Stack & Associates
Illustrations by Barbara Bedell
Reviewed by Ray Doiron

Ray Doiron is an assistant professor of education specializing in
children’s literature at the University of Prince Edward Island.


These three nature books have a great look. Young readers will enjoy the
use of color throughout, and appreciate the straightforward and
interesting text. Each book includes a contents page, a brief glossary,
and a simple index. Maps, illustrations, and photographs support the
text. Important words presented in the main body of the text appear in
boldface. The writing is basic and straightforward and written for
average readers at this age.

Sharks is a sure winner; it will fly off the library shelves. The
subjects of Sea Otters are depicted as cute and lovable, but there is a
serious treatment of them as well. Life in the Coral Reef lucidly
explains the interdependency of life in this complicated ecosystem.

Teachers and teacher-librarians will want to use these books to support
their teaching of basic research skills. Recommended.


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