Cooking with Foods that Fight Cancer.


272 pages
Contains Photos, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 978-0-7710-1136-8
DDC 641.5'631




Translated by Miléna Stojanac and Gordon McBride
Reviewed by Louise Karch

Louise Karch is a career consultant with Carswell Partners in London, Ontario.


Physicians would do well to prescribe Cooking with Foods that Fight Cancer to patients who are suffering from the disease or who want to reduce their chances of getting it.


This beautifully laid-out book contains 19 chapters of scientifically sound advice, savvy illustrations, mouth-watering photos, and compelling recipes. It reminds me of my favourite high school science teacher—handsome, smart, and you actually learn something. In fact, you learn a lot.


Part 1 lays out the cancer landscape and why the next generation is at risk of reduced life expectancy. (Hint: obesity is a significant problem.) The authors point out that a new case of cancer is diagnosed every three seconds. But there is good news: pre-cancerous cells are extremely fragile and the foods you eat can create an inhospitable environment for their development. “There are many advantages to be had,” the authors say, “in exploiting a nascent cancer’s long latency period by treating it with plant-derived anti-cancer phytochemicals….” See, I told you: it’s science class, but the writing and illustrations are so clear you feel pulled along with the intensity of a LeCarré mystery novel.


Part 2 introduces you to seaweed and 13 other food-based solutions to fight cancer. This is where you discover the science of flaxseed (you need to grind it), herbs and spices, probiotics, garlic (cut it and leave it for 10 minutes before using), and green tea (brew for eight to 10 minutes) to name five strategies. You’ll learn to take the science of cancer prevention from the lab to your fork. And that’s where Part 3 brings it all together: 140 pages of recipes that use foods with anti-cancer molecules. What would the late, great Julia Child say? She’d say “Get Cooking!” I agree.


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