West Coast Fly Fisher


151 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Maps
ISBN 0-88839-440-3
DDC 799.1'24'09711




Reviewed by Allen H. Soroka

Allen H. Soroka is assistant law librarian at the University of British
Columbia Law Library and an avid sportsman.


Mark Pendlington, host of the popular television show Sport Fishing BC,
endeared himself to many B.C. fishermen who had grown tired of the
pot-bellied lords of the rod and reel. His shows were entertaining and
informational, and he recruited some of the most experienced and
articulate guides as fishing partners.

West Coast Fly Fisher, the product of some of Pendlington’s TV
encounters, is a compilation of accounts by five B.C. fishing authors
who are highly regarded in the fly-fishing community: Brian Chan, Kelly
Davidson, Art Lingren, Harry Penner, and Barry Thornton. The book is
filled with essential information and accompanied by excellent
photographs of the killer flies used on the West Coast rivers and in the
lakes. Penner’s chapter on fly-fishing West Coast rivers for salmon is
the next best thing to having Penner as your guide, and the other
chapters are equally revealing and informative. Highly recommended.


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