Prince Edward Island Pictorial Cookbook


64 pages
ISBN 1-55109-258-1
DDC 641.59717





Photos by Anne MacKay
Reviewed by Susan Cleyle

Susan Cleyle is a systems librarian in the QEII Library at Memorial
University of Newfoundland.


Photographer Anne MacKay has captured the beauty of Prince Edward Island
in this enticing pictorial cookbook. In her introduction, the author
describes the island’s bountiful harvest and explains how all her
recipes call for the fresh ingredients available on the island.

The book’s 47 recipes are arranged by season. Each recipe
incorporates the herbs, produce, meat, or fish available during a given
season. The simple, easy-to-follow recipes include such mouth-watering
delights as Decadent Chocolate Cupcakes, Pesto, Zucchini Fritters,
Scallops Provencal, Ronald’s Barbeque Sauce and Ribs, Creamy Cheese
Harvest Soup, Stewed Lamb Shanks, Bulgar-Chick Pea Casserole, and
Christmas Trifle. The author describes her cuisine as “country

Its hard cover, glossy pages, and awkward size (8" by 11") make the
book more suitable for the coffee table than the kitchen. One solution
is to copy out the recipes that you intend to use in the kitchen and
reserve the book for your reading pleasure.


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