Global Warming Alert.


32 pages
Contains Photos, Illustrations, Index
ISBN 978-0-7787-1587-0
DDC j363.738'74




Reviewed by Janet Collins

Janet Collins is a freelance writer in Sechelt, British Columbia.


There’s no escaping it. Every newspaper, TV, and radio news broadcast tells harrowing stories that are evidence of the phenomenon known as global warming. Global Warning Alert! explains what is meant by global warming, some of its causes, and some of the evidence of the severity of the problem. Excellent use of colour photographs and graphics underscores key concepts. But the book isn’t simply a regurgitation of scientific facts. The plight of Kenya’s Massai people is used to show the affect global warming has on people around the planet. A thought-provoking quiz helps young readers calculate their environmental footprint, and suggestions are given to help those same readers feel empowered to make positive changes to stem the advance of global warming’s affects.


Hurricane Katrina, the most destructive natural disaster to ever hit the United States, was thought to be made worse by the effects of global warming. In addition to telling readers how a hurricane forms, author Ellen Rodger uses a riveting series of colour photographs to show the destruction caused by Katrina and the chaos that followed. Complex concepts such as hurricane formation and levee science are thoughtfully clarified through the use of colourful graphics. While some of the book’s content is U.S.-specific (e.g., references to FEMA), the section on emergency preparedness contains information everyone can use no matter where they live and what type of natural disaster they may be facing. Both recommended.


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